Hi, there. How are you doing ?

I'm doing very good.


By the way, I'm Daisuke and I'm the one who works for CROSSxROAD English academy.


Though I like English now, I was a man who really hates English until few years ago.

I'm still on the way to master English same as you and I'm not confident about my English skills yet.


But you know ? Now, I can say "I like English."


This is one of the biggest improvement for my life. Actually, as I wanted to improve my English to enjoy my travel more, I've tried many kinds of English study methods, but they hardly fun for me. It's because... I didn't like English then. 


So today, I'm going to tell you about how I was able to come to like English. You might think the way is quite hard and complicated, but what I did was very simple and easy. You definitely can do it. If you have trouble keeping motivation for learning English, I strongly recommend you to try this way soon. 


The way I did is...

To write "I like English " on the good paper, and to read it when you get up and before you go to bed everyday.


In my case, It took 10 months until I came to like English since I wrote " I like English.", but it certainly worked.


How is it ?

Though it is not short way, the thing you have to do is quite simple, isn't it ? 

Don't worry. You don't lose anything. And I promise you. It really works !!


So give it a shot to come to like English !!






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